Delegation Led by Haisum's CPC Committee Secretary and Company Chairman Zhao Guoang Visited China Light Industry Construction

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On October 19, the delegation of Haisum's CPC Committee Secretary and Company Chairman Zhao Guoang, Haisum's CPC Committee Deputy Secretary and Company President Chen Rongrong, Haisum's CPC Committee Deputy Secretary and Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Li Yimin, Chief Financial Officer and the Secretary of the Board of Directors Lin Lin, Vice President Zhou Yuan, and other heads of departments visited China Light Industry Construction.

In the report meeting, China Light Industry Construction's CPC Committee Secretary and Chairman Li Shijun made his report from four aspects, i.e. company overview, basic environment, development idea, and suggestions on Haisum's development, and the rest team members supplemented from other perspectives.

After hearing the reports, Haisum's leaders respectively emphasized their requirements. Zhou Yuan, as the branch leader, stated three aspects, i.e. gaining confidence, seeking stability, and pursuing development, and pointed out that China Light Industry Construction should overcome its current difficulties, build up confidence, actively solve long-standing problems, while striving for better cost management and refined management, enhancing market expansion, and forming a positive industry chain with associate organizations.

Chen Rongrong integrated the formulation of the 14th Five-Year Plan in the speech and mentioned that China Light Industry Construction should summarize the experience gained from successful project management and identify the shortages, so as to continuously improve its management level; adhere to the problem-solving principle and market orientation, increase its resource integration capability, and strengthen cooperation, to form synergy within Haisum and strengthen cooperation with partners; in terms of handling the long-standing problems, arrange specific personnel to be in charge and set corresponding performance evaluation system, so as to actively resolve the problems, alleviate the burden on the Company's development, and prepare for the comprehensive implementation of 14th Five-Year Plan.

At the end of the meeting, Zhao Guoang made a summary statement. Chairman Zhao implemented Haisum's planning and idea of development from aspects of inheritance, innovation, reform and integration, and analyzed the Company's reform and development based on the actual situation of China Light Industry Construction from four aspects. First is to regain original aspiration and build up confidence. China Light Industry Construction should reinforce the original aspiration of realizing company development and staff welfare and integrating into Haisum, and increase its capability from aspects of chance, talent, technology and brand to proceed with confidence in development. Second is to reconstruct the system. A well-organized talent system and a well-handled mechanism management are required. Market exploitation should also be reinforced to guarantee the repayment and positive outcome of projects. Third is to seize the time and carry out reform and innovation. Currently, China Light Industry Construction is having its lows and can only get rid of it through reform. Therefore, it is necessary to seize opportunities amongst risks and stride forward towards the goal. Fourth is to break through and create great achievements again. Breakthrough is required in terms of concept, mechanism and business. China Light Industry Construction should expand its business scope based on light industry, actively strive to undertake projects from the market, alleviate burdens on management, and establish the awareness of cost, enterprising and risk, especially preventing every single possibility of frequent risk. At the end of the speech, Chairman Zhao Guoang quoted the lyrics from the Chinese song translated as Start Again to encourage all the staff of China Light Industry Construction as well as expressing his hopes that this company could walk out of the dilemma soon and make great achievements, "You can still dream big if your heart still beats. There are people that support you and love you for true. You can still have a magnificent life and succeed, so long as you are willing to start again."

During the inspection, the heads of Haisum's relevant functional departments also gave their instructions and opinions towards the formulation of the 14th Five-Year plan.

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